• Arabic Alphabet Blocks, 31360

Arabic Alphabet Blocks / 31360

Arabic Alphabet Blocks help learners to learn Arabic in a fun and easy way. This creative product helps children understand the uniqueness of each Arabic letter. Each block has a printed letter with the different formations according to it's position in the word on each side. Frequently used letters are red and letters with a hamza are green. Words and simple sentences can be created with these blocks. What makes this product more special is that there are 20 small tashkeel blocks which can be placed above or below the letters. There are 12 cards included with different words for children to build.

Made of high quality natural wood with non-toxic paints conforming to European toy safety standards.

63 Pieces + 2 Stands + Wooden Box

Age: +5 Yrs.

Size: 32.5 X 6.5 X 23 cm

(GST Excluded)

  • $58.95