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Flexo Storage Unit / 35.5 x 40 - H. 79.5 cm / 64211-01-01

Our perfectly flexible storage units offer a variety of options and arrangements. All units are 40 cm deep to link them together and create a multitude of layouts with different heights. They are designed empty to complete with storage plastic trays (with anti-fall safety runners). The shelves are extremely resistant and designed to support the weight of heavy books and objects. Made of Mediumdensity fiberboard (MDF) and melamine coated on both sides and doors, with PVC edge banding. Available in single, double, triple and quadruple units they can be assembled upon request.

Made of high quality natural wood with non-toxic paints conforming to European toy safety standards.

With Castors

Size: 35.5 x 40 x 79.5 cm

(GST Excluded)

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