• Cushions seating / 35 x 35 - H. 70 cm / 43555-43-43 - EduFun Australia

Cushions Stand Only / 35 x 35 - H. 70 cm / 43555-43-43

These soft cushions are the best choice for modern way in learning. They offer children the opportunity to sit comfortably without feeling restricted, which helps them concentrate better. Children can use them in reading corners at story time or just sitting on them looking at their favorite books. It is also compatible with our elegance & ultra from (C01 : C0) tables so they can be used for different activities & ages in which a table is required.

Includes 8 Cushions.

Made of high quality natural wood with non-toxic paints conforming to European toy safety standards.

Age: 2 - 4 Yrs.

Stand Size: 35 X 35 X 70 cm

Cushion Code: 43555

Cushion Size: H - 7.5 cm / Ø 40 cm

(GST Excluded)

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