• Kinder Chair & Benches, C0, 36x40 cm, 43235-01-01

Kinder Chair C0 / 36 x 40 - H. 21 cm / 43235-01-01

This infant to toddler-sized chair is perfect for small children. The chair is light and children can turn it over alone. The seat height is different when you turn it over, or can be turned to a table. Oval holes on its sides facilitate handling. Chairs are made from laminated plywood. Benches are also available.

Made of high quality natural wood with non-toxic paints conforming to European toy safety standards.

Age: C0 : 2 - 3 Yrs.

Size: 36 X 40 - 21 cm Heights.

Back And Seat Color: Wood (01)

Frame Color: Wood (01)

(GST Excluded)

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