• Deluxe Chair, C3, 30x30 cm, 43285-01-01

Deluxe Chair C3 / 30 x 30 - H. 35 cm / 43285-01-01

An ergonomic chair that will last for generations. Each chair is made of solid, top-quality lacquered beech wood & plywood. There are five different heights to be suitable for different aged children. Can be stacked for saving space. Leg tips have plastic caps to prevent noise and marring of floor surface when moved. Available with arms.

Made of high quality natural wood with non-toxic paints conforming to European toy safety standards.

Age: C3 / 6 - 8 Yrs.

Size: 30 X 30 cm - 35 cm Height.

Back And Seat Color: Wood (01)

Frame Color: Wood (01)

(GST Excluded)