Introducing Safespazes!

Children learn best by exploring their environment, but sometimes the environment has hidden hazards. Hinges on door frames and sharp edges of tables can be hard to avoid for a child, but not anymore! That’s where Safespazes come in. As adults, we have a duty to ensure that these hazards and risks are minimized and managed so that our children can continue to explore, unharmed.

At Safespazes we have taken the time to design and develop our own safety products especially for children in learning and play environments. The perfect addition for your pre-school, kindergarten or school!

  1. Happy hands keep hands, well… happy! This handy device works like a door stop. No more fingers jammed in closing doors!
  2. Finger alert keeps little fingers from creeping into door hinges! Special plastic guards can be made to suit most doors with protection for both the internal and external door frame.
  3. Corner guards are perfect for children who may be still developing their coordination skills and may not see sharp or protruding edges approaching when they are racing around in the peak of their imaginative play!
  4. Wall and column paddings are great for areas of high pace activity! Whether your sports and recreation takes place indoors or outdoors, risks are always present. This specially designed padding minimizes the risk of injury due to collision with poles, goal posts and walls!

Contact your local distributor to find out how you can make your learning environment a safer one with Safespazes today!